Freifunk beim Google Summer of Code

Google nutzt für viele seiner Dienste OpenSource-Software. Mit dem Google Summer of Code möchte sich Google bei der OpenSource-Gemeinde bedanken und fördert Studenten für ein von Mai bis August laufendes Projekt mit 5500 US$ - in diesem Jahr über 1100 Studenten aus aller Welt.

Im Jahr 2014 nahm Freifunk wieder am Google Summer of Code teil. Freifunk integriert dabei als Dachorganisation weltweit Initiativen wie,, wlan slovenija und LibreMesh aus Argentinien. Wir bekamen in diesem Jahr 9 Slots für Projekte, die Studenten in Deutschland, Frankreich, Italien, Spanien und Slowenien bearbeiteten. Die Projekte beschäftigten sich u.a. mit der Freifunk-API, Netzwerkprotokollen und Software zum Communitymanagement. Im Freifunkblog können Details zu den Projekten nachgelesen werden.

Den Abschluss des diesjährigen Google Summer of Code bildete der Mentors Summit, zu dem jede Organisation zwei Mentoren entsenden darf. Zur Feier des 10-jährige Bestehens waren auch Teilnehmer aus den vergangegen Jahren eingeladen und der Summit wurde um einen Tag verlängert.

Freifunk fun in USA

Auf dem Programm stand auch ein Ausflug, wo wir das echte Amerika kennenlernten und gemeinsam mit Teilnehmern aus China und Vietnam Basketball trainierten.

Mehr als 600 Teilnehmer aus aller Welt trafen sich in San Jose, Kalifornien, und wir hatten die Chance uns über unsere Projekte auszutauschen, neue Kontakte zu knüpfen und nicht zuletzt den 10. Google Summer of Code zu feiern. Als Überraschungsgast zum Jubiläumsempfang war Linus Torvalds geladen. In einem Treffen hatten wir die Gelegenheit, mit ihm über Freifunk zu sprechen.

Ideen für Projekte im Jahr 2015 können schon jetzt im Wiki eingetragen werden. Falls ihr Kontakte zu Universitäten oder Fachhochschulen habt, sprecht mit Dozenten, Studenten oder Lehrstuhlinhabern, um Unterstützung für Projekte im Sommersemester 2015 zu bekommen.



Fotos zum Mentor Summit:

Linus Torvalds and Dirk Hohndel meetup with Freifunk Community at Google Reunion

Freifunk attendees had the chance to discuss Community Networks with Linus Torvalds and Dirk Hohndel from Intel at the Google Mentor Summit. Linus said, it was impressive to see the growth of community networks around the world and it is exciting to see so many people working on Linux for embedded devices.

Linus Torvalds, Mario Behling, Federico Capoano, Freifunk, Google Summer of Code

GSoC 2014: Hardware Detection [ Final ]


Hi everyone!

I am very happy to have participated do GSoC 2014, this experience have permitted to me to learn a lot about opensorce comminity and programming, i have learned also Lua programming language, while it seemed a little ugly  to me in the firsts times I ended up loving it.

This GSoC project permits to people installing Libre-Mesh on their devices and have device specific quirks already solved by the hardware detection module, without user intervention, while it permits to developers to write little modules to easly supports new hardwares and solve their quirks.

In particular in the second part of my GSoC I have improved hardware detection, in particular I have created a module to autoconfigure TL-WDR3600 and a module that permits to Libre-Mesh to detect wan port of a lot of routers taking advantage of the OpenWRT infrastructure.

While creating those new modules I have also realized how to improve general Libre-Mesh infrastructure and committed various improvement to the hardware-detection branch, that is now in the official repository ready for merging in develop branch.

Futhermore, during the last phase of this project I have optimized the code including modules I have written in the first period like usbradio detection module. 

Obviously all this work have been possible thank to the help of the community that helped me in the whole coding period.

Best Regards ;)

Einladung zum Freien Freifunktreffen in Halle am 19.07.2014 (Sommerfest)

Wie jedes Jahr, trifft sich auch dieses Jahr die hallesche Freifunk-Community im Sommer am Hufeisensee. Es ist ein regionales Treffen, welches offen für alle Freifunk-Communitys ist. Hiermit möchten wir euch einladen am 19.07.2014 vorbei zu schauen.

Diesmal sind wir zu Gast auf dem Vereinsgelände vom Tauchclub Orca in der Schkeuditzer Str. 70 | 06116 Halle, wo wir uns ab 15 Uhr treffen. Das Gelände bietet alles, was Freifunker für ein produktives Treffen benötigen: Freifunk, Internet, Strom und Grill sind genauso vorhanden, wie Tische und Stühle um eigene Rechentechnik aufzubauen. Die Freifunk Community aus Halle will dieses Treffen nutzen, um einen eigenen Förderverein zu gründen. Der Förderverein soll die Aufgabe übernehmen, das Projekt Freifunk in Halle organisatorisch zu unterstützen. Weitere Informationen gibt es im Fragen und Anregungen können auch bei uns im Forum diskutiert werden. Gäste werden gebeten, sich anzumelden, um besser planen zu können.


GSoC 2014: Hardware Detection

Hi everyone!

Before  starting coding I have been studying Lua programming language I read  some tutorials and I did some practical examples. After that, I went to  the Libre-Mesh architecture to understand better how it is done. When I  understood the programming pattern of LiMe I started coding.

First of all, I started creating a plug-in module for ath9k-htc based hardware. This module has been tested using a TP-LINK WDR3600 and two TL-WN722N USB radios. While working I have included an hotplug hook so the usb radios can be dynamically plugged and removed from the system while it's running. 

After  having the usbradio module almost done I have been working creating a  modular hardware detection plug-in for Libre-Mesh. This hardware  detection module have been completed with clean and configure functions. During the development of this part I have discovered some bugs in the file config.lua and I have solved it.

Currently, after doing some cleaning and debugging both modules are almost finished.

Obviously  all this work have been possible thank to the help of the community and  I hope to do my best during the rest of the coding period.

I will be happy to receive feedback or tips

Best Regards ;)

Freifunk Paderborn bei WDR Lokalzeit

Freifunk Paderborn: Bericht auf WDR Lokalzeit. Link:

Free Community Networks in Catalonia with

Ramon Roca from talking to ARTE-TV.

Thanks to Elektra for the translation.

Gurb in Spain
1002 km to Brussels

Ramon: The NSA scandal almost makes us laugh I have founded so we can build broadband internet access ourselves.

Voiceover: Here in the middle of the catalan nowhere a digital revolution started 10 years ago.

Ramon and his neighbors have build their own broadband internet because the big commercial providers had no interest in providing access to the village and its vicinity. Today, is one of the greatest altenative networks in the world.

Ramon: I want to show you where the cables merge together. Right here. This rack is the equivalent of a telephone switchboard in a village. It is a bit dirty because this shag actually belongs to my garden. What it can do is impressing. I can't say it precisely, but these are the routers of 5000 households.

Overdub: In a Freifunk-Network the participants are networking among each other and not via Internet providers. They can directly share data with each other, chat, write e-mails. A decentralized network that the users control themselves.
Thereby their data is secured from access by third parties. Meanwhile, the Internet-Guerilla are able to roll out their own fiberline network. Today, Ramons colleagues are working since 3 AM. We all know that the government operates slowly.
We can't wait until laws are solving all our problems.

In our case this also comfortable for us: With regards to communication, we can do or not do whatever we like.

Freifunk Wireless Community Weekend 2014 at c-base Berlin, May 30 - June 1

Community mesh networkers from around the world are meeting in May 2014 at the c-base in Berlin.

There are Pre-Meetings May 28 and 29, the „official program“ starts 30th and last until June 1st. In fact the final version of the agenda will be created by attendents on-site. If you add your idea or wish to our wiki upfront, we can take care of your talk or workshop. Hacks sessions are taking place over the whole weekend.

This year we focus on topics like crypto, IPv6 and new services, but also like always latest firmware, new installation setups and last not least legal and political update plus public relations. Following the tradition we'll have barbecue in the evening hours at Spree beach and we don’t charge entry fee. For more information and taking part, please click here: Wireless_Community_Weekend_2014


  • 30 May till 1 June 2014 at c-base berlin


inside locations

  • main hall
  • c-base beachpark
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