PowQuty Live Log First Update

As mentioned in my previous blog post, i am going to add a live log and notification system for
certain events to the power monitoring tool PowQuty. The first steps have been done and the
configuration has been extended.
Three types of notifications have been added to the configuration options during the first month of coding.
Namely email, slack and mqtt. Mqtt was in use before, but was extended to allow a second host and topic for
the power quality events.
The powquty configuration page was redesigned to use a separate tab for each notification option
to increase overview.

The old configuration page would have been very crowded with all the new options
The new configuration view with mqtt tab open

Power quality events, that cause a notification are:

  • Voltage dip between 10% and 90% of the reference voltage of 230V
  • Voltage swell above 110% of the reference voltage of 230V
  • Voltage dip < 10% of the reference voltage
  • More than 5% of the samples of one harmonic are above the threshold

As the power supply network in Berlin was not willing to provide such events an option for test measurement
input was needed. A file read flag for powqutyd was added and needs a little bit of clean up
before a pull request on the upstream powqutyd.
The library for the USB-oscilloscope provides the number of EN50160 events per measure cycle and
the kind of each event. As of now some basic slack notifications are added, which provide the event
type and the event start time from measurement start in milliseconds to the channel and team set
in the luci web interface or under /etc/conf/powquty.

Slack notifications with start time in milliseconds relative to measurement start, probably will be UTC or local in the future

In the notification the type of event is provided to allow the network administrator to react directly
to the changes, without to check the log any further.
The other notification options will be added and tested soon.

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