Our Google Summer of Code 2024 Projects

We are thrilled to announce that freifunk.net has been accepted to participate in the Google Summer of Code 2024! This year, we’re again not just going solo; we’re in great company alongside qaul.net, Libremesh, Retroshare, and OpenWRT. Together, we are set to push the boundaries of open-source technology with a series of exciting projects.

How Does Google Summer of Code work?

Google Summer of Code is an international program that invites students and contributors to engage in open source software development. Each project has a predetermined size, with contributors dedicating between 95 and 350 hours to complete their tasks. The duration of the projects can vary, ranging from 8 to 22 weeks, though the typical period is set at 12 weeks. This structured timeline ensures that contributors have ample time to design, develop, and refine their software, while also fostering mentorship and growth within the open source community.

Our Diverse Project Lineup

This year’s lineup features innovative projects proposed by a talented group of contributors. These projects aim to enhance community networks and develop advanced tools for networks and applications. Here’s a quick introduction to the contributors and their projects:

Each contributor brings unique ideas and expertise, driving forward our mission to foster a vibrant community of open-source enthusiasts.

Follow Our Journey

These projects showcase our commitment to promoting open-source values and enhancing the functionality of community networks worldwide. We invite you to follow our progress as these projects unfold over the summer. Detailed descriptions of each project will be provided soon, allowing you to explore the innovative work our contributors are planning. If you are curious about what we have achieved in the past, these blog posts will give you a glimpse into our previous successes.

Stay tuned for updates, and join us in supporting these innovative endeavors in what promises to be a groundbreaking summer of coding!