GSoC 2024: Development of a Modular Assistant for OpenWrt

Hi everyone, I am Gabriel, and I am currently studying Web Application Development and Mobile Application Development. This summer, I will be participating in Google Summer of Code 2024 to work on developing a Modular Assistant for OpenWrt.


The goal of this project is to develop a modular assistant for OpenWrt that simplifies the initial configuration of OpenWrt devices. This assistant will enable users to configure their devices quickly and easily, even without deep knowledge of wireless routers. The assistant will be implemented using LuCI, a framework for creating web interfaces for configuration and monitoring.

Plan Of Action

This project will focus on creating an assistant that guides users through the initial configuration of OpenWrt devices. The assistant will have a modular design, allowing it to be adapted to different scenarios and specific needs of communities like Freifunk.


  1. Analysis of LuCI’s Client-Side API:
    • Understanding the operation of LuCI’s client-side API will be fundamental for the development of the assistant.
  2. Development of rpcd Services:
    • Learn how to write rpcd services for communication between the user interface and the backend of the OpenWrt system.
  3. Configuration of Permissions and Menu Entries:
    • Configure permissions and menu entries to ensure an intuitive user interface that is easy to navigate.
  4. Adaptable Modular Implementation:
    • Develop the assistant in a modular manner, allowing it to be adapted to different scenarios through scripts.


  • Creation of a stable, working modular assistant for OpenWrt.
  • Detailed documentation explaining the implementation and use of the assistant.
  • Ensure the assistant is adaptable for different scenarios and needs of the Freifunk community.


I am delighted to be part of the GSoC 2024 program and contribute to the Freifunk project. I’m looking forward to collaborating with the Freifunk team to create a valuable tool for the community.

I would like to thank my mentors, Martin and Tobias, for their guidance and support. I hope to have a productive and successful summer working on this project.