GSoC 2018 – Kernel-space SOCKS proxy for Linux – June progress

Assembling the testbed

I decided to give you a brief intorduction to the development of my testbed. In the past month most of the time I experimented with different virtual environments for kernel development. The pros of virtualization:

  • Fast test cycles: multiple virtual machine (VM) can use the same, freshly compiled kernel
  • No physical devices, you dont have to reboot your machine every time when you want to test your recent kernel changes. VMs reboots very fast (about 6-7 sec in my current setup)
  • Flexible network virtualization: you can connect your VMs with virtual ethernet links to virtual switches

My current worflow looks like this:
1. Make changes in the kernel code or configuration (make menuconfig or .config file)
2. Compile the modified kernel
3. Boot the virtual machines with the new kernel
4. Test if works, debug, etc.
5. Goto 1.

In the following you can find a detailed intro how to setup the kernel development and test environment with QEMU and virtual networking

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GSoC 2018 – Kernel-space SOCKS proxy for Linux


Welcome! I’m Ferenc Fejes from University of Debrecen, Hungary. In 2017 I did my first GSoC project with my mentors Benjamin Henrion and Claudio Pisa. You can find all of my post from the project on this link here:
In a nutshell it was an experiment to create a test-bed for aggregating the speed of multiple Wi-Fi links in transport layer with MPTCP. We succeeded, I also provided a detailed tutorial with the method for reproducing the experiment in home. I did not expected too much enquiry about the project but after the blogposts and an OpenWRT summit workshop, I received lots of emails and messages – many experimenter interested about the project which is a great honor of me. In China, where the router proxyfication is necessary because of the great firewall, many people applied the method of my GSoC 2017 project outcome. (Cont.) Continue reading “GSoC 2018 – Kernel-space SOCKS proxy for Linux”