GSoC: Netengine project

Here it is my second blog post for the Mid Term Evaluation of GSOC2014.

As I wrote in the previous one, I’m working on Netengine, a Python module to abstract network devices and get information from them.

The work is going very well, I’m learning new things every day with the help of my mentor, Federico Capoano, and I’m very happy with the development.

In this first part of the work we completed as per goals, the SNMP back-end for AirOS and OpenWRT firmwares.

The most difficult part of this first part was to work with SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) because I had never worked with it, so I had to learn it’s basics and how it works, in particular it’s way of retrieving info from devices.

It uses different codes (MIB), everyone of it gives access to different information of the device (e.g device name, addresses, interfaces); so before starting to write I had to look for the correct MIBs to query.

Now we are focusing on the ssh.OpenWRT back-end ready to switch the next one on the list once completed.

I’m definitely very happy with how the work is going, with the communications I’m having with my mentor and with all coding practices I’m learning from him.

The program gave me not only the possibility to improve my skills but also to meet new people very experienced on the field.

The next step is to start coding on the new back-end, probably an HTTP back-end for AirOS, to complete the program in time.

For further questions on the project please visit or email us at ninux­  

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