Hardware Detection for Libre-Mesh [GSoC 2014]

Hi everyone!

I am Francisco Jiménez (Frank95) and since I heard about the Libre-Mesh community I have been interested in contributing to it. That’s why at the last time I have been participating in the installations of new nodes in Spain and I consider that the idea of Libre-Mesh: Hardware Detection would be very useful for installers. It will contribute to easier and faster installations. 

The Hardware Detection project consists on creating a module for Libre-Mesh in such a way that the system will detect and It will configure the external USB radios and other hardware units automatically. In particular, the creation of plug-in modules for ath9k-htc based hardware, hardware switch chip such as thoses present on the TL-WDRxxxx devices  series and  DIR-632 with 8 ports switch (RTL8309G).

I am excited of being part of the community and participate as a student for the first time in GSoC 2014. Since I met this community, apart from a warm reception,  I have learned a lot about Libre-Mesh firware and OpenWRT. In addition, developing this project is an opportunity for improving my coding knowledge and make my nodes installations simpler.

I’ll push my code while I am working here:
And finally the code would be merged here:
If anyone wants to contribute with tips and feedback (it’s always welcome) please contact me at: 

franciscojim95 [at] gmail [dot] com




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