Freifunk: Free Information Infrastructures all over the world

It seems to me sometimes some people think of Freifunk as a software and network project only. For me Freifunk is an idea and philosophy in the first place. Freifunk means the freedom to connect in local and global networks. It is the equivalent to free and open source software as for Gnu/Linux or free content as for Wikimedia. What Freifunk means to me and implies as policies:

  1. Access to information and knowledge is free as in freedom
  2. Nobody restricts communication with others
  3. Local
    and global wireless and wired networks are public spaces like
    streets, parcs, forests and the sea
  4. Networks and digital
    infrastructures must be based on free and open source software and open
  5. Regulators, governments and policy makers should
    grant a freely licensed open spectrum to the public
  6. Everyone can take part in free networks as long as he/she accepts the right of othes to partipate and forwards the data of others over his/her own node
  7. Networks follow decentralised models
  8. Everyone can set up his/her own network based on the technology of free and open networks

6 thoughts on “Freifunk: Free Information Infrastructures all over the world

  1. Please see the topology diagram first, you can click on the image to enlarge and open it in another window.

    Will the internet bandwidth on GateWay Node 2 and GateWay Node 3 be used?

    Because the GateWay Node 1 will always be the closest GateWay node.

    How to make the mesh network to equally distribute the internet access traffic to GateWay Node 2 and GateWay Node 3 without changing the network topology?


  2. Dear Master of Freifunk,

    First, thank you for making such a GREAT firmware.

    I have read a PDF book “Building_a_Rural_Wireless_Mesh_Network_-_A_DIY_Guide_v0.7_65[1].pdf” on your site and try to build a mesh network.

    I have one thing not understand on chapter “6.5 Linking a Mesh Node and an Access Point Back-to-Back”, it says we have to make two Linksys boxes wire-linked back-to-back to provide WIFI access to vicinage. One Linksys box running Freifunk firmware, and another running DD-WRT or other hotspot firmware. Why can not put these two functionality into one box? I mean why we can not make it just like an open-mesh box (see, form a mesh network and provide WIFI hotspot at the same time. Only one box, and everything is in it. The box can provide hotspot access while running a mesh node at the same time.

    I don’t remember that Freifunk document said that you must use another Linksys box to provide WiFi hotspot access. So Freifunk can do it in only one box?

    I want to use only one Linksys box at one location point. How to config the Freifunk firmware to make this happen?

    Thank you.

  3. Sad fact is that most countries just move in the opposite direction. in thailand for example there is a new cyber law, which makes it impossible to operate open networks. in fact by law you would even need to log all your users with name and date at any given moment even inside the same family. of course the reality is different, but an open hotsport is next to impossible. services like fon might still be okay, but i guess their set of user data is not really sufficient for that new crazy law. organizing a barcamp with free wifi required a passwort and id card checking system. rediculous.

  4. I am wondering, has anyone tried to install the Freifunk suite of packages
    under OpenWRT WhiteRussian? And if so, how functional is it? I’d like to
    experiment with Freifunk Firmware – and I’d even like to try compiling a
    WhiteRussian Freifunk Firmware image image myself.
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  5. Reality is really different from Net neutrality.

    in France you can easily go in Jail if you can’t prove that you didn’t visit this Dodgy website the police came at you for.

    So as long as you want to share your bandwidth , you have to record who use your connection with some mechanism.

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