Freifunk: Free Information Infrastructures all over the world

It seems to me sometimes some people think of Freifunk as a software and network project only. For me Freifunk is an idea and philosophy in the first place. Freifunk means the freedom to connect in local and global networks. It is the equivalent to free and open source software as for Gnu/Linux or free content as for Wikimedia. What Freifunk means to me and implies as policies:

  1. Access to information and knowledge is free as in freedom
  2. Nobody restricts communication with others
  3. Local
    and global wireless and wired networks are public spaces like
    streets, parcs, forests and the sea
  4. Networks and digital
    infrastructures must be based on free and open source software and open
  5. Regulators, governments and policy makers should
    grant a freely licensed open spectrum to the public
  6. Everyone can take part in free networks as long as he/she accepts the right of othes to partipate and forwards the data of others over his/her own node
  7. Networks follow decentralised models
  8. Everyone can set up his/her own network based on the technology of free and open networks