Freifunk Wireless Community Weekend 2008 – Thank you!

The Freifunk Wireless Community Weekend 2008 is over. I had a fantastic time meeting so many people pushing the idea of free networks to new hights. The interest in free wireless was overwhelming and we probably had more than double the number of the 51 visitors who put their names on the participants list. Many developers were taking part. We saw presentations about OpenWRT, B.A.T.M.A.N., the HorstTool, mikroFM, OpenHardware and the Luci-Interface for Freifunk networks. Receiving questions about "free networks and the implications of the law" regularly, we were extremely pleased that Reto Mantz recently published a doctoral thesis about this subject and held a presentation at the WCW (slides now available).

Besides German communities we were very happy to meet many friends from other countries like from Catalunia, Spain, Sergey Yugov from Russia, Jesper Svarre with 28 people from Denmark and our friends from the Rome community

Together with the help of Italian and German Freifunkers Saverio and me made tons of interviews. Be sure it will not take two years this time to see them online 😉 Get a little taste of the WCW2008 with the first of a series of videos already published by our Italian friends.

Per ora vi lascio con questo breve video, che mostra qualche immagine
della domenicale del Wireless Community Weekend. Molto presto verranno
pubblicate le interviste. (

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Interview mit Freifunkern aus Weimar und Sundhausen

Ein Blick zurück in das Jahr 2006. In meinem Archiv habe ich ein Interview mit Freifunkern beim Wireless Community Weekend 2006 gefunden. “Bluse” aus Sundhausen und Bastian Bittorf von Freifunk Weimar berichten über die Fortschritte beim Bau freier Netze in ihrer Region.

Last Preparations for the Freifunk Wireless Community Weekend 2008 in Berlin

The countdown for the Freifunk Wireless Community Weekend 2008 conference is running and cven is haevily working on the final preparation.

As of now we have 48 people who have put their name on the participants list on the wiki at and many more who have confirmed their participation to us directly. People are joining us in the upcoming days from Freifunk communities from all over Germany and from communities in other countries. Our friends from Italy will be represented by the two well known free wireless evangelists Nino and Saverio from and we expect Jesper Svarre from Denmark with a group of 25 people from the Association of Computer Professionals.

The WCW is a self organized conference and community gathering. We will have a community track with communities presenting themselves, e.g. from Bastian from the Weimar Freifunkers and from Keks from the community in Berlin North-East.

On the other side there will be technical talks from developers of OpenWRT, the B.A.T.M.A.N. routing protocol developers Marek Lindner and Simon Wunderlich; Thomas Hirsch – the developer of the freimap and a presentation of sven-ola – the main developer of the Freifunk Firmware,

Further panels cover subjects like Web 2.0 in the Freifunk Universe (by me, Mario Behling) or Open Networks and the current law by Dr. Reto Mantz, who has recently published a book on "Offene Netze und Recht",

Many opportunities to meet with some of the most exciting people in the international freifunk sphere! Open Mesh advocat Electra will take part in the WCW and after returning from the Open Tech Summit in Taiwan Juergen Neumann will present the latest advancements on Open Wireless Hardware. 

Last but not least we are happy to welcome participants from the academic scene coming from the TU Berlin and the Fraunhofer FOKUS Institute.

Join us at the Freifunki Wireless Community Weekend in Berlin from May 2-4! Check out the latest updates on

Wireless Community Weekend in Graz vom 14.-16. September richtet vom 14.September – 16.September 2007 ein WirelessCommunityWeekend in Graz aus. Viel Spaß!
(via Cven)

Freie Netzwerkprojekte aus verschiedenen Teilen Europas treffen sich zum Erfahrungsaustausch und zur Diskussion über gemeinsame Projekte und Visionen. Ein weiterer Schwerpunkt wird zu aktellen Entwicklungen freier Mesh Routing Protokolle gesetzt. EntwicklerInnen verschiedener Projekte werden über den Stand der Forschung informieren und zu Diskussionen anregen. 15. – 16. September 2007, 14 – 22h

Wireless Community Weekend 2007 in Berlin

Wie es auf dem Blog
von cven
bereits im November zu lesen war, plant die
Freifunk-Community auch in diesem Jahr wieder ein „Wireless
Community Weekend“.

Zeit: 26. April 2007 bis Sonntag 29.
April 2007
Ort: c-base
e.V. Rungestrasse 20, 10179 Berlin

Dieses Jahr werden neben Freifunker aus
Deutschland vermehrt internationale Teilnehmer erwartet. Wer am
Mittwoch bereits in Berlin ist, ist herzlich eingeladen am Abend beim
wöchentlichen Freifunkertreffen in der c-base vorbeizuschauen. Für die weitere Organisation des
WCW habe ich eine Wikiseite