Wireless Freifunk Community Weekend Video Highlights from 2008

Another great series of interviews I filmed with Saverio from Ninux.org during the Wireless Community Weekend. Interviews with core contributors to the global Freifunk community:

* Kloschi from Leipzig about the future of Freifunk

* Bruno about the Horst tool developer

* Elektra from Berlin about the B.A.T.M.A.N. routing protocol and the goals of the developers.

Wireless Community Weekend 2008 Highlights from Saverio Proto on Vimeo.


* http://ninux.org
* http://leipzig.freifunk.net
* http://subsignal.org
* http://open-mesh.org
* http://perspektiv89.com
* http://wiki.freifunk.net/Wireless_Community_Weekend_2008

Freifunk & Ninux Video – Coproduction from the Archives

I just found an interview that I filmed during the Wireless Community Weekend 2008 online. The interview was done by Saverio from Ninux.org with Kloschi and Tetzlav from Leipzig and gives us a few insights where Freifunk is heading. Enjoy!

Wireless Community Weekend 2008: Interview with kloschi at C-Base Berlin from Saverio Proto on Vimeo.

Interview with Free Wireless Evangelists from the Italian Ninux Community and the Freifunk Community in Germany

Saverio from the Italian Ninux community has now published a video interview Daniel Paufler and I conducted with them at the Wireless Community Weekend in Berlin. Thank you very much for the great montaggio! It is real fun to watch!

Interview to Ninux and Freifunk members at WCW2008 from Saverio Proto on Vimeo.

Direct Link: http://www.vimeo.com/1052320

In Berlin, at C-Base, people from wireless communities all around
Europe meet to share ideas and experiences. See this interview by Mario
Behling with free networks activists from Ninux.org and Freifunk.net

Freifunk Wireless Community Weekend 2008 – Thank you!

The Freifunk Wireless Community Weekend 2008 is over. I had a fantastic time meeting so many people pushing the idea of free networks to new hights. The interest in free wireless was overwhelming and we probably had more than double the number of the 51 visitors who put their names on the participants list. Many developers were taking part. We saw presentations about OpenWRT, B.A.T.M.A.N., the HorstTool, mikroFM, OpenHardware and the Luci-Interface for Freifunk networks. Receiving questions about "free networks and the implications of the law" regularly, we were extremely pleased that Reto Mantz recently published a doctoral thesis about this subject and held a presentation at the WCW (slides now available).

Besides German communities we were very happy to meet many friends from other countries like www.guifi.net from Catalunia, Spain, Sergey Yugov from Russia, Jesper Svarre with 28 people from Denmark and our friends from the Rome community ninux.org.

Together with the help of Italian and German Freifunkers Saverio and me made tons of interviews. Be sure it will not take two years this time to see them online 😉 Get a little taste of the WCW2008 with the first of a series of videos already published by our Italian friends.

Per ora vi lascio con questo breve video, che mostra qualche immagine
della domenicale del Wireless Community Weekend. Molto presto verranno
pubblicate le interviste. (http://blog.ninux.org/2008/05/05/lultima-sera-al-wcw2008/)

Direct Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gGZcH49j4hw

Wireless Community Weekend 2008 in Berlin

vom Freitag 2. bis Sonntag 4. Mai 2008 werden freifunk.net, c-base und die Berliner Community wieder ein *Wireless Community Weekend* auf der c-base Raumstation in Berlin ausrichten. Für den Event hat Cven bereits eine Wikiseite eingerichtet unter:

Unter „Wishlist“ gibt es hier Platz für euer Topic-Brainstorming.

neben den bereichen routing, hardware,firmware und layer8, werden wir auch probieren einige papers zu erarbeiten, die den umgang, mit den in einem mesh/community/network anfallenden daten beschreibt, und es waere auch schoen, wenn wir als gegenstueck zu der lobbyarbeit von einigen firmen und anderen angstmachern, richtern und anwaelten eine art "leitfaden" fuer den umgang mit community netzwerken und gateways an die hand geben koennten.

Da genau dafuer aber 3 tage nicht ausreichen, wird es ende januar einen termin fuer juristen geben, wo wir probieren moechten einige ziele auszuarbeiten und anzuformulieren, damit wir dann waerend des wcw2008 nicht bei null anfangen muessen. (Cven)