Freifunk Global Newswire Relaunched with Map and Embed Features

After several years of maintaining the Global Newswire, we have just launched a new site of with updated feeds and cool map features. The new site uses the Managing News profile which is based on Drupal and developed by the folks from Development Seed. A big thanks goes to Thanh Nguyen from Vietnam, who set up the system together with me. As the other sites, the site is hosted at
Mario Behling and Thanh Nguyen working on in Vietnam 
Mario Behling and Thanh Nguyen working on in Vietnam 
It took us a few days to figure out how to make it work for us. Some errors like an issue with sharing just came up, because we had not activated clean URLs, other errors, because the different servers we use run slightly different MySQL versions with the one the site is hosted on. Initially we wanted to update the previous site with the new profile. This worked generally, but some features just did not want to get working. The Managing News installation profile has a number of preconfigured modules. After taking a week trying to figure it out, we went back to the start and took another way. We chose to use a fresh install and moved the content of the previous site with the node exporter module. While the old content does not show up in the history anymore now, it can still be found through the search.
Global Freifunk Newswire - Map View 
To geolocate places in articles we use Yahoo Placemaker, which seems to give a good outcome when tagging places in articles. As we have a rather large number of feeds that need to be checked and updated, we need to run cron every few minutes in order to avoid time outs.
Previously, we also had a special German news site focusing on the German speaking freifunk community. As hits on this website have been rather low over the last two years, we have closed that site and redirected it to the international news site saving us time to focus on one system.
So, here it is, the new Freifunk News Site. One thing I personally like is the embed feature that lets you embed any feed into your site. Please check it out and tell us which cool new features you like. 
If you would like us to include your feed, please add it to the wiki page on the freifunk wiki. We will check here from time to time and add feeds to the newswire.

Zusätzlicher Cache vom IN-Berlin

Dass die Besuchszahlen dieser Website stetig steigen, daran haben wir uns ja gewöhnt. Dann aber kamen die floflei6-Videos
über freifunk und die waren dann so gut, dass die Schattenseite der
Medaille war, dass wir arge Traffic-Probleme bekamen. Dass heißt, die
Videos wurden so oft heruntergeladen, dass das langsam teuer wurde (für
uns und unseren Provider).

Eine Lösung musste her, und zwar eine, die auch in einem Jahr noch ausreicht. Mit Hilfe des IN-Berlin und unserem jetzigen Provider LETRAS
ist es uns dann gelungen, einen zusätzlichen HTTP-Caching-Proxy-Server
einzurichten. Ach, immer dieser Technik-Schnack! Was heißt das konkret?
Es wird in Zukunft noch mehr im Download-Bereich geben können, ohne
dass das all zu große Probleme verursacht. Ist also eher eine
Verbesserung aus der Rubrik "Under the hood".

Nochmals Danke an Chris vom IN-Berlin und Werner von letras.