Update: Completing the Retroshare Web Interface – GSoC’22(First Phase)

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The Retroshare Web Interface is being developed as a part of the Google Summer of Code Program. Weekly Meetings with Mentor Cyril Soler and community involvement have led to steady progress of this project. Primary focus is to provide as many features as in the Retroshare QT interface.

Initial Weeks:

  • Solved some of the previous existing issues with Mail Tab.
  • Got familiar with the workflow and setup.
  • It took me some time to be familiar with MITHRIL JS framework for frontend due to limited documentation.

Here are some key developments done in the Web Interface:

  • Channel Tab: Navigation for My, Subscribed, Popular channels and Other Channels. Search for any channel is also provided.
Channel Tab

This is Channel View: Here you can view all channel details and the posts and add posts.

Subscribe and Search facility is also provided.

Channel View
Add Post with Files.

This is Post View:

View/Download all the files. Add/View comments and their replies with all details.

You can upvote/downvote and reply to any comment. The replies are also displayed in a staircase manner.

Post View
Add Reply/Comment

Forum Tab(Under Progress)

Navigation for Subscribed, Popular and My forums is provided along with Search forums Option.

Forum View: View all the details about the forum. Add New Thread and view all the threads.

Subscribe Option is also provided.

Forum View

Thread View (under Progress)

Here you can view all the threads and the replies.

Further work (to be done) : Add thread/reply. Mark read/unread facility.

Thread View

Due to the structured, clean code and similar facility the Boards Tab is also being developed by the community member @Defnax based on Channels Tab.

Work to be Done

The second phase of GSOC’22 will see the following developments:

  • The Forums Tab will be developed primarily in the next phase of the Program.
  • After Forums, Files Tab will be fixed and some functionalities will be added.
  • If time permits, focus on Configuration Tab will be necessary to provide facility to change config options from the web interface itself.

Concluding Thoughts:

The mentors and I feel the progress for this project has been steady. The first phase of GSOC’22 has been fruitful and has led me to learn many new things and technologies which I would have never explored on my own. There were obstacles and difficulties in the start but slowly with constant communication and availability of my mentor and the community, the development is now stable.

Thank You!

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