Midterm Evaluations: Call A Friend.

Initial Goals:

Starting off with the Meshenger app, we have a Master branch with all the features working and a Development branch with added stability and necessary changes but a broken call feature.

The goal of GSoC’22 was to fix the call related issues, convert the codebase to Kotlin, design and implement a new UI and make a new release for the App.

Progress so far:

Working on the first phase of GSoC’22, I started off with reading the required documentations and existing code, understanding the architecture and workflow of the app.

Then I started with UI design in Figma, in like 2 weeks I was ready with a new UI design for the app https://drive.google.com/file/d/1G3oJXJlj8jKSiGBmmtsG1CSDQ6ipTAtr/view?usp=sharing

After completing the UI design in Figma, I worked on converting the Master branch and Development branch codes to Kotlin, so we can easily understand how the calling feature work and fix it for the Development branch. I currently try to investigate how the WebRTC library works in the Master branch so I can follow up the same for Development branch to fix the call feature.

Later on I implemented the New UI in the source code of the Development branch and added a feature so if the user skips the add-a-name option, he’s given a random username.

Then I fixed the app crashes along with the Dark theme.

Currently I am debugging the app to figure out why the calling feature isn’t working.

In the next phase I would be working on fixing the call feature, go for testing and then make a new release on F-Droid and even on the Play Store.

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