GSoC 2019 – Unit testing LibreMesh – Update 1

In the last weeks I have been involved in getting deeper into becoming part of the development team of LibreMesh.

During that process, I worked together with NicoPace in writing this blogpost where we build a solid ground for unit testing:

Not covered by the last blog post is the work that I did in a fake/mock implementation of the libuci library in lua. This allows writing a lot of tests for LibreMesh as ucithe most used library in the codebase that make sense to write a mock. The implementation is very small but covers the most used functionality of libuci: cursor(), get(), set(), save(), delete() and foreach(). This was implemented doing TDD with the support of the unittesting framework.

All this work is being done in the following branch of my lime-packages fork:

During the upcoming weeks all this work will be properly released as a PR to the lime-packages repo accompanied by the Travis CI integration in a Docker container to do the tests in a contained environment, and more tests are going to follow 🙂

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