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Retroshare, a decentralized social networking platform, is available only from desktops, so its use is limited to a narrow audience. In the past, an attempt was made to create a mobile application, but the project was abandoned. The aim of this GSoC project is to create a Retroshare mobile client from scratch with an emphasis on the chat feature. In order to make it a fully functional communicator, the Retroshare library will be extended as well.

About Me

My name is Konrad, I am first year undergraduate student in Computer Science at AGH University of Science and Technology in Cracow, Poland. In the past I have been experimenting with creating modern desktop client for Retroshare. This is my first time as a GSoC participant.

Project Overview

This project have 4 major milestones:

  1. Logo redesing
  2. UI/UX design of mobile app
  3. Implementation of frontend design
  4. Redesign and implementation of chat backend in libretroshare

The planned result of my work should be a user-friendly communicator with the following functions:

a)     Core functionality:
o   Creating new account
o   Importing existing accounts from other devices
o   Creating new identity
o   Sending plain text in group chat and chat between GXS identities
o   Adding/Removing GXS identities to/from your list of friends  
b)     Feature enhancement:
o   Adding profile picture
o   Changing status (Active, Inactive)
o   Switching between identities
o   Sending in chat: emojis,  files and pictures

To achieve this, as part of my work will be the enhancement of the libretroshare chat to include asynchronous message sending and storage of message history.

Community Bonding Period

This period of time I used to explore the idea of a new logo and UI application. The proposal for a new logo retains the current spirit, but with a clear emphasis on modernity.

The purpose of the application is simple, to give the possibility of secure non-centralized communication to people, therefore the proposed design is minimalistic and focuses only on the basic functionality. The proposed design can be viewed at the following address:

Best of luck to fellow GSoC students,
Konrad Dębiec

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