PowQuty Live Log introduction

Hi everyone,

I’m Stefan and happy to present my GSoC 2017 project to you.
That is extending the PowQuty daemon and luci web-app with an event log and notification system for events violating the EN-50160 norm.
Probably most of you don’t know powquty. Therefore i will give a short introduction to it, before I present my actual project.


PowQuty[1] is an application for measuring power quality parameters of the power grid like voltage and frequency. It receives samples by a USB connected oscilloscope and writes the calculated values to a log file. This log can be read by the powquty luci web-app. The web interface will plot the measurements directly into several graphs. These are power over time, frequency over time and metrics over time.
It was implemented during the last GSoC by Neez El Sayed [2] and its intention is “to strengthen the role of open software in the uprising smart grids by providing some essential functionalities”.

PowQuty Live-log

The goal of this project is to provide an event log of measurements that are outside defined parameters.
Public power distribution networks have to meet certain criteria. These are formulated in the EN50160 norm.
If there is a power drop, or a frequency spike PowQuty will write this to its log like every other value. The user can examine the log file or its graphical representation for critical values, but essential equipment could already be damaged.
If such an event occurred, a user or power network administrator should be notified. This event log will get a graphical interpretation in the luci powquty app as well to enable a better tracking of events.
This will allow users of PowQuty to react quickly to changing conditions in power supply networks.

Therefore we will add a notification system to PowQuty as well as additional logging options.
To collect events at a central server we will extend the mqtt usage to send an mqtt notification on a violating event.
In addition we will add an email and slack notification option to allow quick responses.


[1]: https://github.com/thuehn/PowQuty
[2]: https://blog.freifunk.net/author/Neez-El-Sayed/

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