Freifunk Wireless Community Weekend 2011 in Berlin

Starting Friday June 3 till Sunday June 5, 2011, c-base and the German community invite you to the “Freifunk Wireless Community Weekend” at the c-base space station in Berlin. 


inside locations

  • e.t.i is near cbase – in alley towards the street
  • main hall
  • seminar room

ad hoc workshops

all the ad-hoc workshops will take place in the seminar room


mainhall hackcenter (Irgendwo an einem Tisch)


  • Evening Get together, BBQ and creative commons music

Hardware Basar

Many wifi activists has lockers and shelfs full of wifi equipment, boards, enclosures, wifi cards, antennas, cables and pigtails. A lot of wifi stuff just sits there and wait to be used or just gets dusty. If this equipment still works and can be used better, lets re-use it and share it to the wifi community.

So bring it with you to the wireless community weekend and gift it to a big live moderation stage auction. All parts starts at one euro, the collected money goes back to the community as a donation to give a financial support the wireless community weekend event.