Meshenger – P2P local network messenger

Hi, my name is Daniel, I am a 19-year-old student from Augsburg, Germany, and I have been working with Android and networking for several years now.

Thus, i am very excited to participate in the GSoC for the first time, hoping to learn new ways of connecting people with “Meshenger”.

The goal is to make an app, which allow audio- as well as videocalls through a local network, not requiring a server.

The signaling, e.g. the exchange of nessecary network-related information will then happen through the scan of a QR-code generated by one of the connecting devices.

Of course there are several challenges i will have to tackle, like having to get WebRTC running without a STUN-server, which is normally required.


In the next post i will share my progress as well as my collected experiences, explaining my approaches and trade-offs that will eventually have to be made.


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