Six exciting projects at Google Summer of Code

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Freifunk as umbrella organization unites wireless communities like Ninux,,, and Evernet e.G. Our communities extensively rely on OpenWRT Linux, OLSR, BATMAN, libremesh, or retroshare

We are proud to announce our participation in the Google Summer of Code (GSoC) program. This year, Freifunk has six exciting projects that will contribute to the development of the Freifunk firmware, mesh networking protocols, and user-friendly tools.

Google Summer of Code Logo

The six projects and their respective mentors are:

Project TitleContributorMentors
Automation tools for LibreMesh firmware build and monitoringsamloIlario Gelmetti, stefca
Joint Power and Rate Control in User space for Freifunk OpenWrt Mesh & Access NetworksPrashiddhaThomas Hühn, Julius Schulz-Zander
LuCI Migration to JavaScript based Framework: Improved UX and Performance on OpenWrt-based DevicesAyushmanPaul Spooren, Andi Bräu
Implementation of Web Interface of RetroshareSumit Kumar SoniCyril Soler, G10h4ck
Qaul Matrix BridgeHarshil JaniMathias Jud
OpenWRT PPA Part 2Mr. AndreiZoobab
Our table of projects

These projects are all aligned with Freifunk’s mission to build a decentralized, community-owned network that is free from corporate control and censorship. By participating in GSoC, Freifunk is able to tap into the talent and creativity of the wider open source community and accelerate its development efforts.

We are excited to see what our GSoC contributors will achieve this summer and we look forward to sharing their progress with the wider Freifunk community. Stay tuned for updates on our blog and social media channels!

In conclusion, Freifunk’s participation in Google Summer of Code is a great opportunity to advance the development of its mesh networking technology and tools. We are excited to see the impact these projects will have on our communities.

Our history of 11 successful summers of code during the last 15 years can be found in this blog.

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