Call A Friend – GSOC’22


The existing version of Messenger app has some bugs related to connectivity and exit, the UI is a bit old and the codes are written in Java. This GSOC project aims at converting the whole source code to kotlin, improving the UI, fixing bugs and making a stable release for the app.

About Me

Hello everyone

I am Aditya Khandelwal, First year college student pursuing B. com hons in Accountancy, programming is my hobby, I am good at developing android apps with kotlin. I love to code, being a part of GSOC’22 would help me get experience with open source Development.

Project Goals

My goal is to fix bugs in the existing version of Meshenger app, convert the codes to kotlin and make a stable release for the app.

Decision after Community bonding period

I would start with making a cleaner UI for the app then I will convert the whole codes to Kotlin, implement the new UI and work on fixing the bugs along with frequent testing.

My experience

In the Community bonding period I familiarised myself with my mentors, got insight about how the app was initially developed, what we are looking forward with the app and so on.

I also got valuable feedback and suggestions on planning the working model.

I am really excited to move forward with the coding phase.

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