Completing the Retroshare Web Interface – GSOC’22


The Web interface for Retroshare Application is under process. Many features are functional but there is still a lot of work to do and fix. This GSOC project aims at developing the web interface to a certain extent and include as many missing features as there are in the Retroshare QT interface.

About Me

Hello Everyone,

I am Sukhamjot Singh, a 4th-year undergraduate in Computer Science at International Institute of Information Technology Bangalore. I love 2 things – Table Tennis and Open Source development. The fact that my contribution, however small or big, will be a part of something huge and useful, motivates me to work further.

Project – Goals and Deliverables

Homepage of Web Interface.

The Web interface for Retroshare is made using MithrilJS ( a lightweight Javascript framework ) and the backend is mainly supported through the use of Retroshare QT interface and JSON API that is already available. Frontend design will be consistent with the already present features.

Major deliverables: The major deliverables will be in form of tabs which mainly include:

  • Files
    • File Manager
    • Uploads
    • Search
  • Forums
    • Navigation Bar for different categories of forum.
    • Displaying forums info
    • Search
  • Channels
    • The layout is same as forums.
    • Display posts, files, info of the channel
  • Configuration
    • This tab helps to configure Retroshare App
    • Config options for Network, People, Mail, Files etc.
    • This needs further discussion with the mentors.

Further objectives also include solving some of the issues in the features that are already present. Working on existing Github issues is also a priority.

Community Bonding period – First two weeks.

In this period, I have familiarized myself with the mentors ( Cyril Soler and Gio ) and discussed the goals and objectives of the project. I have started developing the Channels and Forums tab and have completed the basic layout. All of this work is done in a separate branch on my fork of the repository.

Ongoing Pull Request :

My fork :

The updates about the development are regularly provided on Github and to the mentors. There are also weekly meetings being scheduled to report the progress of the project with the mentors. I will also post more blogs for further developments.

The process of contributing and getting selected for Google Summer of Code’22 has been thrilling and I wish to have an exciting summer with Freifunk – Retroshare and my mentors.

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