GSoC Final Blog-OpenWrt Device Page

Greetings! Hope everyone is staying safe! 🎉

I am Aditi, and this is my last blog post for Google Summer of Code 2021!

As this journey comes to an end, I would like to summarise the wonderful experience I’ve had over the period of 10 weeks. Though, my interaction with OpenWrt has been before that, and I am positive, this is not the end of my contributions to the wonderful community!

Google Summer of Code with FreiFunk

Before talking about the details of my project, I would like to write a small acknowledgement of my 10 week journey.

It has been a really exciting journey! I learnt more about Git/GitHub and React in these 10 weeks than I had learnt in past one year of working by myself. GSoC allowed me to improve my communication skills by talking in communities!

These 10 weeks working with FreiFunk(OpenWrt) finally enabled me to get over my impostor syndrome. The mentors and admins have always been helpful even after I made quite a few mistakes in a few commits.

I would like to thank the community for tremendous amount of support and patience! 😊

Project Progress

The project repository can be found here.

So, as per my first blog, we planned on achieving the following over the summer:

The main aim of OpenWrt Device Page Project is to create an overview of OpenWrt supported devices to simplify user choice of acquiring new devices. The project can be broken down into two major sub-tasks:

  1. Creation of input form from a JSON Schema to simplify the process of adding device metadata to the github repository.
  2. After creation of input form, the second step is to render the device pages. The device pages will have search masks, to search specifically for devices with certain features like USB port, WiFi6 etc.

The form has been build with the autocomplete functionality (which has been quite a challenge!). However, there are still some issues that need to be fixed.

Future Scope

One of the major next steps of the project is to use the device data to create device pages. The device pages would have search option to search devices on the basis of USB Port etc.

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