[GSoC’21] 802.11v Client-Capability Measurement

As a next part of my work, I want to start with a client capacity measurement.

I want to find out how many of my Wifi clients support the different standards like 802. 11v / 802. 11k / 802. 11r etc. Since the access points know which features the clients have, I just have to be able to read out this data.

The heart of the Accesspoint is the interconnect system uBus which is used by most services running on an OpenWrt setup. UBus works as a message bus between different daemons in OpenWrt. The user space daemon software hostapd ensures that the network interface card functions as an access point. Furthermore, the OLSR protocol is installed on the Accesspoint to always ensure the shortest route between the individual Accesspoints.

To find out which clients support which standard I will write a new LUA script and install it on a virtual machine. This script is used to ask the hostapd via uBus for the clients that support 802. 11v. Since I want to evaluate the data and also want to display this graphically, I will install the Prometheus Exporter as monitoring software.

After I have evaluated the collected data with Prometheus, I can start the further implementation of the 802. 11v standard within the network.

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