GSoC 2021 – OpenWRT PPA update for first evaluation

Hey everyone , hope you all are doing fine.

As we have come a long way from the start of the program, here I have compiled everything that I done till date regarding my project.

It has been rightly said that open source development is a continuous process and I for one have been learning a lot with the help of my mentor. Some of my learnings are :-

  • Learnt more about the SDK provided by OpenWRT.
  • Setting up of FTP servers
  • Learnt more about Docker
  • Explored K3d as well as K3s.
  • Setting up local registries ………………………… and may more.

Current Status & Workaround

In order to get started with the project , you would be required to have some basic setup and configuration. For this one can run the following :-

> chmod +x ./
> ./

This will configure k8s cluster and setup local registry . Then you can start your flask web server which looks like below :

Starting the project required understanding all the process that goes into successfully creating packages and targets from given files and configuration. In order to achieve that, the process I followed was :-

  • Updating feeds.default.conf to locally stream its feeds from local folder
  • Running the update and install script for local feed.
  • Finally creating packages and targets by running make.

The script is invoked when the user provides with repo-url (contents of which are cloned and then mounted to local feeds folder on container of neelaksh1/custom-owrtppa )

At present manual run of the above process needs to be done on bash-shell of the running container.

After the packages and targets are generated, we can expose it to the outside world by running ftp server using neelaksh1/custom-ftp .

For that we can use script which will be copying the generated bin/ folder and mounting it on the ftp container from the sdk container.

We can access ftp://localhost/ on our browser, which will look like below :-

Final Thoughts

The current project meets half of the promised work. It still is under development. Some of the stuff I would be working on in the upcoming days are :

  • Improving Front-End
  • Having provision for incremental builds, wherein the user can change his/her source multiple times for the same running container.
  • Working on running the SDK scripts automatically without the need for running them manually on the bash-shell
  • Creating deployment and services for the exposing final build packages and targets for the world.

Repository Link

The work is being updated on OpenWRT_PPA in the dev branch.

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