[GSoC’21] RetroShare Mobile

About Me :

Hi there !👋

I am Avinash Kumar an undergraduate student of Indian Institute of Technology, BHU. As coming from the Tech-Field, I am using lot of open source software in day to day life. That always fascinate me towards open source and always wanted to be the part of open source community. Finally, I got a chance to work with great open source community.

About Retroshare :

RetroShare provides a decentralized, encrypted connection with maximum security between nodes where they can chat, share files, mail, etc. Retroshare uses GXS (Generic eXchange System) that provides Asynchronous distribution, authentication, privacy, security of generic data.

About Retroshare Mobile Project :

RetroShare Mobile is the android app which provides features of RetroShare using retroshare json api. RetroShare Mobile depends upon the retroshare_service app that creates a local environment inside app and provides all the retroshare json api. This project was initiated in GSoC’19 and added some features of RetroShare at that time. Techstack : flutter.


As I mentioned above this app was made in GSoC’19, there are lot of improvements is needed inside the app like :

  • Upgrading app with new version of flutter
  • Bundling of retroshare_service app inside the Retroshare Mobile using QT dependencies.
  • Adding Methode channel which helps to start, stop and restart the retroshare_service apk.
  • Solving bugs.
  • Working on state management tool.
  • Adding forums and circle feature of RetroShare.

The first week of GSoC :

I am working according to the timeline that i proposed in my proposal. I have integrated retroshare service apk inside the Retroshare Mobile using Qt android dependencies and also added Methode channel code that will help to start, restart and stop the retroshare_services from the flutter. Currently, I am working on upgrading the app with newer version of flutter and solving bugs that are available on the app.

PR link : https://github.com/RetroShare/retroshare-mobile/pulls

RetroShare Mobile Repository link : https://github.com/RetroShare/retroshare-mobile

It has been quite a learning experience and I am looking forward to achieving more amazing things this summer with Freifunk! 🎉

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