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In 2018 Freifunk applied again as umbrella organization for Google Summer of Code. That’s the third year in a row and our 8th Summer of Code in total. Finally we got 14 slots for student projects.

Partner Organisations

As in the years before we act as umbrella organisation. Our partner organisations for this year are:

GSoC 2018 Projects

You can find our organisation’s profile and more information on our projects at the GSoC 2018 organisation’s page. This is just a list of our projects. More information will be added later when the coding period starts.

Titel Student
Kernel space SOCKS proxy for Linux 4.x Fejes Ferenc
Realizing a decentralized WiFi Controller nick.power
Local Phone App Daniel Dakhno
Easily Expandable Wireless Intrusion Detection System Alexander Paetzelt
A module for OLSRv2 to throughput estimation of 2-hop wireless links Pasquale Imputato
Design network agnostic communication protocol Katharina Sabel
LibreNet6 Paul Spooren
nodewatcher: Build system rework and package upstreaming Robert Marko
VRConfig – Visual Router Config for OpenWrt Asco
LibreMesh ground routing user friendly interface Marcos Gutierrez
RetroShare Web UI API Changes Proposal Kevin Froman
Re-write the Turnantenna code Marco Musumeci
Better map for nodewatcher Marin Stević
OpenWLANMap App Thi Huyen (Lilli) Cao

We’re looking forward for all these projects. Following the timeline we have the Community Bonding Period now. All students will be introduced to their organisation and their specific project. The projects will start latest at May 14. That’s when the coding period starts. There are several evaluations and the last Coding Period will end on August 6. After submitting the final evalulations by mentors and students the final results will be announced on August 22.

Stay tuned, all of the students will write about their project at this place. There will also be talks on events like the Wireless Meshup, Chaos Communcation Congress and other related events.

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