Google Summer of Code – Source Sensitive Routing

Hello everyone,

I am Olden, a master degree student at the Université Paris Diderot. After speaking with Juliusz Chroboczek, one of my teacher, he introduced me to his work on source sensitive routing and offered me to join the Freifunk community to implement it in Quagga. Under the direction of Matthieu Boutier, who has wrote the first implementation of source sensitive routing, I will be working on the integration of that procole in the next release of Quagga.

After discussing with David Lamparter, he informed me that he already implemented most of the necessary functions in Zebra and that the code will be pushed soon on their git repository. I will therefore be waiting a bit before modifying the Quagga code.

But my first aim will be to get used to the Quagga code and see how to include my modifications as easily as I can. I will therefore be waiting for the code of David Lamparter to be pushed on the git repository and then work on it.

During the time I will be waiting for that, I will read the code of Quagga and get used to it for around two weeks and then will be implementing source-sensitive routing into it. If my work is fully functioning, and if I get time afterwards, I will also be looking at the possibility of implementing the same algorithm in OSPF.

I don’t have for now a precise timeline concerning the work I will be doing on Quagga, but I will be posting on a regular basis the progress of my work on a blog. My git repository is not created yet, but I will be sharing its address with the one of my blog as soon as possible.

Thanks again Freifunk for taking me on this project, and see you soon for the beginning of my work !