GPL für Wi-Fi-Treiber und Aufnahme in Linux-Kernel anvisiert

[via Sven W.]
Die Wi-Fi-Treiber von Devicescape
werden nun auch unter die freie General Public License gestellt. Sie wurden
ebenfalls zur Aufnahme in den Linux 2.6-Kernel eingereicht.

Wi-Fi driver stack is going open source under the General Public
License (GPL).  Called the Advanced Datapath Driver, it has been
submitted for inclusion in the Linux 2.6 kernel. That could mean that
in the very near future, instead of struggling to get drivers and cards
to work together on a Linux computer, users may be able to plug in just
about any card and get up and running. Developers could potentially
stop porting drivers from Windows or writing new drivers from
scratch.(GPL). (Eric Griffith,