Free Networks Italy – Ninux Day 2013 Call For Papers

The Ninux Day (the only day that lasts a weekend), organized by the wireless community network, will be held on November 1,2,3, 2013 at Fusolab 2.0, in Rome.

The aim is to gather under the same roof members of Italian and European wireless community networks and all who are interested in:
 * the Net as a common
 * spontaneous networking, bottom-up
 * city networks
 * wireless mesh networks
 * routing protocols
 * networking-oriented operating systems
 * distributed management and monitoring
 * distributed and decentralized services
 * resilient networks
 * community automanagement
 * legal aspects of community networks and wireless networks
 * artistic expressions linked to community networks or wireless networks

If you want to propose a talk or a practical workshop on these topics, of the maximum length of 45 minutes, send an e-mail to with a 50-100 words abstract and a short bio before October 2, 2013.

When: November 1,2,3 2013
Where: Fusolab 2.0, Via della bella villa 94, Roma, Italy
Mailing list: (en)
Node Map:
Ninux Day 2009:
Fee: free entrance, donations are welcome

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NinuxDay in Rome from November 27-29, 2009

The team announced the first “Ninux Day”, a weekend with about and for wireless communities. You will meet software and hardware hackers, geeks, nerds, engineers, artists, the curious and
academics. Experts from all over Europe offer technical and social presentations in the area of wireless community networks.

Join the Ninux Days in Rome, Italy, from November 27-29, 2009.

More Info here:

* (English)
* (Italian)
* Announcement:
* Ninux Blog

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