Implement unit testing – GSoC’2022

Hi all! 

My name is Andrea and I am participating implementing unit testing project for GSoC 2022 edition!

I just finished a full stack developer bootcamp, and I’m now inmersed on the never-ending world of opensource programming! I would like to participate acitvely with communities that build this world to learn a lot, have fun, and get involved on a big opensource project!

I feel really lucky to have been selected and start coding as soon as I can!

What is is an Android app that combines the RetroShare JSON API with a Flutter frontend aimed to share content into the RetroShare F2F network.  Actually is on alpha stage and need a series of features implementation and unit testing to improve the both developers and users experience and scalability of the project. With the help of my mentors I expect to implement desired features and unit testing, learning how Flutter works together with a first landing into RetroShare decentralized world. 

And, how I will do that?

Before all, I did a series of crash courses about Dart and Flutter, just to don’t get stuck on the first days!

On this first period the objective is to code a set of unit tests for, but, according with my mentors, additional jobs may be necessary done:

    – Library refactoring to make them more testable

    – Null safety migration to bring compatibility with new versions 

    – Bug fixing and other todo’s fixing

Together with my mentors and their recommendations, I will check how to fix and go forward to the objective… So, let’s start coding!

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