LibreMesh Pirania UI – An Overview

About me

Hello there! I am Angie Ortiz Giraldo, one of the students selected for Google Summer of Code 2021, I’m very happy for have this opportunity and share this overview about my GSoC project. In this project I will be working with LibreMesh organization, a sub-organization of Freifunk in this GSoC. I am interested in software development and Community Networks environment. In this field, I have worked in different projects about Community Networks in Colombia that have implemented LibreMesh for their networks. For this reason, I am interested in improve and expand LibreMesh functionalities in some way.

About LibreMesh

LibreMesh is a modular framework for creating OpenWrt-based firmware for wireless mesh nodes. Several communities around the world use LibreMesh as the foundation of their local mesh firmwares. The project includes the development of several tools. The firmware is the main piece and allow simple deployment of auto-configurable multi-radio mesh networks. If you want to know more about LibreMesh you can go to the project website.

My GSoC Project

The main idea of this project seeks to improve the implementation of the administration interface of the Pirania captive portal which is implemented in LibreMesh, a plugin used in different Community Networks. I propose to divide the project in three important pillars: Solution design, Coding and Documentation. Every stage will have different task to do, and some deliverables.


  • Develop an UI proposal for the Pirania captive portal.
  • Plugin for the LimeApp that implements the UI with the required functionalities.
  • Coding tests for the functionalities implemented.
  • Write blog posts about different project stages.
  • Write documentation about features, and how to add plugins to Lime-App.

And more!

To sum up, this in a first approach about the project, but I hope to share some advances soon 🙂

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