GSoC 2019 – OpenWrt Firmware Wizard – Final Update

This marks the end of GSoC 2019 and I am proud to announce the project has come to a mature stage. It has been a great pleasure to work with my mentors Paul Spooren and Moritz Warning.

Firmware Wizard

There have been some updates to the Firmware Selector since last update.
And the working version along with the source can be found here.


LuCI app for Sysupgrade

System updates with OpenWrt has been a trickier part for ever. This application is made to make the process easier and seamless.
It is inspired by Attended Sysupgrade app and simplifies updating to newer versions.


The Sysupgrade app utilizes the JSONs created upon build as proposed in openwrt/openwrt#2192 (comment) (which utilizes the splitting of variables from phase 1).

Using this application:

  • Vanilla(Default) sysupgrade images from openwrt server can be flashed directly onto the devices.
  • Installed packages can be retained utilizing a custom image generated via ASU

The work for the app is still in progress and is yet to be reviewed by the community. There is still some time till it gets merged to LuCI.
The PR for the same can be found here.


It has been a great experience working throughout the summer. I have learnt quite a lot from this experience and would like to give the experience back by being the part of the community in the future too.
I would like to thank my mentors and Freifunk as they gave me the opportunity to work under them and to work for the world of open source.

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