GSoC 2019 – HTTP API allows spontaneous, ad-hoc networks to form between any wireless-enabled devices over whatever medium is available. Currently, the project is undergoing a Rust rewrite, which will provide enhanced security, modularity, and performance.

Project Overview

To make networking with as easy as possible an HTTP API layer is being developed. This should enable applications to be written using from any language with a decent HTTP implementation lowering the bar of entry substantially.

In the next couple of weeks a majority of my focus will be on making sure that we’re building from a strong base. As with all projects we want to make sure that we’re not going to end up with a hacky mess in a month or so and with we want to keep binary size to a minimum. Rust is a language with many, many web frameworks so I’ll be spending a lot of time evaluating them looking mostly at ease of use and binary size.

Presently my top two contenders are `actix-web` and `gotham` but in the coming weeks I’ll be evaluating as many as I can so stay tuned for the results.

About Me

Hi, I’m jess, a Computer Engineering student in the Boston area.

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