Spectrum Analyzer in the context of LibreRouter

Hello to all!

My name is Nicolas Pace and this is the first time and engage into participating in the GSoC for Freifunk.

For this opportunity I’m engaging with the LibreMesh community on the context of the LibreRouter project by implementing a Spectrum Analizer for LibreMesh and also for LEDE/OpenWRT.

Spectrum Analisis is a very powerful tool for anyone that wants to enhance the quality of the links created, but also can be used as a base for more complex functions like diagnose of the physical layer, or many other things that have been implemented in other firmwares.


What has been done already

During this last weeks I’ve the chance to engage the community, and also to deepen my understanding of the problem at hand.

Also, I’ve got a working prototype of the command-line interface, and a prototype of code that has been used to show that information.

Next steps

  • To create a lightweight service that shares the information with the web
  • To make a nice interface for the output

Thanks for the opportunity of joining you, and hope to deliver as expected!

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