GSoC – nodewatcher v3 platform

Hello all!

My GSoC work focues on the next version of nodewatcher, an open source (GNU AGPL licensed) network planning, deployment, monitoring and maintenance platform for community wireless networks. Its main idea is to automate as much as possible in building and operating a community wireless network. It encompasses functionalities sometimes named “node database”, “network dashboard”, “network map”, but also a web-based firmware image generator, which allows easy generation of customized firmware images for each node individually.

The previous version (v2) that is currently deployed by wlan slovenia has most of the functionality hardcoded for the use in our network. With version 3 we are making nodewatcher into a fully modular platform that can be reused and adapted by various community wireless mesh networks around the world and this GSoC project will bring us closer to making this a reality. Development can be tracked on GitHub (, branch development) and on wlan slovenia development Trac (

About the author

My name is Jernej Kos, a computer science researcher, software developer and network engineer with over nine years of experience. I enjoy working on interesting projects, specifically with backend architecture and low-level details. I have experience with scalable web application development, development of software for embedded devices, routing protocol internals and security protocols. I am currently involved with open source projects, the most prominent being wlan slovenia, where I have developed a modular platform for network monitoring and provisioning, an efficient L2TPv3 based VPN solution that runs on OpenWrt-supported devices, a big data time series processing library and a simple system for multiprocess serial communication. My current research interests include secure, Sybil-tolerant and privacy-aware decentralized services and novel location-independent compact routing protocols. To this end I have developed Boost.ASIO C++ bindings for CuveCP and in the course of my PhD thesis am working on a secure and scalable location-independent compact routing protocol that can be used in mesh networks and/or for building decentralized social networks.

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