Freifunk Halle Interview Loop von Tmk

Freifunker aus Halle (Saale) haben einen Film gemacht und erklaeren die Motive und Begeisterung fuer freie Netze.

“Freifunk Halle Interview Loop” von Tmk, Oktober 2009, Creative Commons: by-nc-sa.

3 thoughts on “Freifunk Halle Interview Loop von Tmk

  1. Well done Alina. Thanks for pushing it to the free codec. While done on an OS X Machine, it does not even know about Vorbis… I will list the .ogg on the Source on Vimeo, too. Does anyone know about a Vorbis encoder for OS X? How have you done it, Alina? So i could encode the Full HD version to .ogg, too. Greetings, Tmk!

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