Freifunk Summer of Code – Questions for your application

Eight Questions to answer for your application for the Freifunk Summer of Code. We are interested in your
answers to get an idea, how you would be able to contribute to
Freifunk. Dont worry too much about a correct English. We are more
interested in the content of what you have to say and how you could
join up with us, than about perfect Englich.

1. Please tell us your name and your country or origin or local background.

2. Please list contributions to the Freifunk/OpenWrt and related
projects or any other freely licensed Open Source project below.

3. Please tell us about your proposed project and the relevance to
Freifunk. You can also provide a link where you offer more details here.

4.  What is your expertise and ability to conduct the project you
propose? How do you plan to achieve the goals of the proposed project?

5. How would you describe your knowledge of development of Linux OS and OpenWrt related programming languages such as Lua?

6. How do you think you will participate in the Freifunk/OpenWrt development after the Google Summer of Code?

7. What would you like us to do to ensure that you stick with the project after the program concludes?

8. How do you plan to keep in touch with the Freifunk/OpenWrt community and your mentor during the summer of code?



* Ideas


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