A module for OLSRv2 to throughput estimation of 2-hop wireless links

Hi to community members!

In the phase 1 period, we designed and prototyped a throughput estimation client/server in PRINCE based on iperf3 library. The basic idea is that each node has an iperf3 server and a node can estimate the neighbor throughput by running an iperf3 evaluation. The code is available at https://github.com/pasquimp/prince/tree/iperf.

In order to keep the throughput estimation in OONF, we are evaluating the best strategy among forwarding the estimation from PRINCE to OONF or introduce a new plugin in OONF to perform throughput evaluation. A possible prototype of a new plugin in OONF is available at https://github.com/pasquimp/OONF/tree/neighbor-throughput.

In the next weeks, we will decide on the best strategy in order to keel reliable neighbor throughput estimation and keep aware OONF about the estimation. We will update you in the coming weeks!


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