A module for OLSRv2 to throughput estimation of 2-hop wireless links

Hi to community members!

This project aims to develop a module for the throughput estimation in OLSRv2 based networks. The basic idea is to evaluate the throughput of 1-hop and 2-hop network paths and to expose the measures to the user by visualizing them on the netjson graph.

The community bonding period had the goals to improve my knowledge of OLSRv2, to study OONF and its basic modules, then start approaching netjson. Now we are designing how to realize the throughput measures between the nodes. Basically, we are considering two approaches: the implementation of probe-based measure in OONF by using its reader/writer objects, or an alternative approach that realizes a daemon which reuses iperf based measures.

In the next weeks, we will update you with the initial results!

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