Freifunk Wireless Community Weekend 2014 at c-base Berlin, May 30 - June 1

Community mesh networkers from around the world are meeting in May 2014 at the c-base in Berlin.

There are Pre-Meetings May 28 and 29, the „official program“ starts 30th and last until June 1st. In fact the final version of the agenda will be created by attendents on-site. If you add your idea or wish to our wiki upfront, we can take care of your talk or workshop. Hacks sessions are taking place over the whole weekend.

This year we focus on topics like crypto, IPv6 and new services, but also like always latest firmware, new installation setups and last not least legal and political update plus public relations. Following the tradition we'll have barbecue in the evening hours at Spree beach and we don’t charge entry fee. For more information and taking part, please click here: Wireless_Community_Weekend_2014


  • 30 May till 1 June 2014 at c-base berlin


inside locations

  • main hall
  • c-base beachpark

Wireless Community Weekend NRW Edition vom 17. - 19. August 2012

Der Freifunk Rheinland e.V. veranstaltet vom 17. - 19. August 2012 ein Wireless Community Weekend rund um das Thema Freifunk. Es findet in Düsseldorf statt und bietet Sessions mit Vorträgen, Workshops und Grillen.




  • 10h Beginn
  • 1. Session 10-12:30h
  • 1 Std. Pause
  • 2 Session 13:00 - 15:30h
  • 1 Std. Pause und Fahrt zum Rhein
  • 16.30 Uhr Treffen auf der Rheinwiese
  • Feldtest, später Grillen


Chaos Computer Club Düsseldorf / Chaosdorf e.V.
Hüttenstr. 25 40215

  • Rheinwiesen, tba.


Wir organisieren Gästebetten und Unterkünfte in naheliegenden Hostels. Bitte hier eintragen.

Call for paper

Wer einen Vortrag halten möchte meldet sich bitte per Mail an kontakt at freifunk - rheinland punkt net


Freifunk Wireless Community Weekend 2012

Starting Friday May 18 till Sunday May 20, 2012 freifunk.net, c-base and the German community invite you to the "Freifunk Wireless Community Weekend" at the c-base space station in Berlin.


  • 18.-20 May 2012 at c-base berlin



  • B B Q
  • Störerhaftung myass --> reto
    • Die aktuelle Rechtslage
    • Unsere Forderungen
    • Das freifunkVPN
  • Freifunk in den BVVs von Berlin (Bezirksübergreifender Austausch/Perspektiven) -->
  • socialAPP für Dezentralenetzwerkstrukturen --> carlo
    • SecureShare, peer-to-peer social network with end-to-end encryption talks, workshop
  • Protokollentwicklung NEWS olsr, B.A.T.M.A.N.  ???
  • openWRT Now and Beyond --> nbd
  • was andere Leute denken und schreiben, was wir machen (Presseschau) --> wetterfrosch & cven
  • community best practice presentation --> YOU!
  • ad-hoc und olsr mit Android --> sven-ola
  • Möglichkeiten im 800MHz ISM-Band / wifi im TV-whitespace
  • Joint Rate and Power control - Performance of Minstrel-Blues --> Bluse, TU-Berlin & FF Sundhausen


Updated Info in the wiki: http://wiki.freifunk.net/Wireless_Community_Weekend_2012

Sign in at: http://wiki.freifunk.net/WCW12:participants

freifunk.radio mit Elektra: Studiogast heute Keks aus Berlin

Ab jetzt gibt es freifunk.radio mit Elektra aus Berlin.

Studiogast: Keks aus Berlin

Länge: 31:33 min Netto, 27:00 min Brutto


Download bei Berlin Nord-Ost

Ogg: Gut 16.5MB / Besser 27.3 MB / Persfekt 85.1 MB

MP3: Naja 14.4 MB / OK 24.5 MB / Wie neben dir! 34.5 MB

Mehr Infos unter: http://wiki.freifunk.net/Kategorie:Freifunk_Radio


Freifunk Wireless Community Weekend 2011 in Berlin

Starting Friday June 3 till Sunday June 5, 2011 freifunk.net, c-base and the German community invite you to the "Freifunk Wireless Community Weekend" at the c-base space station in Berlin. where

inside locations

  • e.t.i is near cbase - in alley towards the street
  • main hall
  • seminar room

ad hoc workshopsall the ad-hoc workshops will take place in the seminar roomhackingmainhall hackcenter (Irgendwo an einem Tisch)social

  • Evening Get together, BBQ and creative commons music

Hardware BasarMany wifi activists has lockers and shelfs full of wifi equipment, boards, enclosures, wifi cards, antennas, cables and pigtails. A lot of wifi stuff just sits there and wait to be used or just gets dusty. If this equipment still works and can be used better, lets re-use it and share it to the wifi community.So bring it with you to the wireless community weekend and gift it to a big live moderation stage auction. All parts starts at one euro, the collected money goes back to the community as a donation to give a financial support the wireless community weekend event.

Eleven Interviews from Wireless Community Weekend 2009 and full radio broadcast from c-base

Eleven Interviews from Wireless Community Weekend 2009, located at http://www.freie-radios.net/portal/suche.php?such=true&end_monat=12&end_...

  1. Ninux in Rome (en)
  2. Freifunk and OLPC in Afghanistan (de)
  3. new measurement (de)
  4. LuCI macht alles einfacher. Pedantisch? Na und? :-) (de)
  5. Kiezfunk, BNO, Falkennachwuchs und der in-mesh Content (de)
  6. c-base (de)
  7. Berlin (de)
  8. Weimar liebt Weimarnetz (de)
  9. Hamburg, Frankfurt, Karlsruhe; Urteil zur Störerhaftung Anfang 2010 erwartet (de)
  10. Freifunk from Scratch: Mit B.A.T.M.A.N. und IPv6 in Lübeck (de)
  11. Freifunk Sundhausen nimmt Urleben online (de)

The archived broadcast from 2009-05-23 out of c-base can be found at http://tmkrth.de/SfdvW/ it's called "SfdvW-meets-Rund.Freifunk-on-Wireless-Community-Weekend-2009-at-c-base.ogg" (~ 200 MB, ~ 2 h, ogg-Vorbis, german) It is kind of a audible snap from WCW with many interesting topics, and for it's time of creation, it was contemporary.

Funk frei!

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