6mesh project: IPv6 freifunk mesh networks

Alex Morlang and Daniel Paufler had a presentation about the current advancement of the Freifunk 6mesh project for IPv6 routing in wireless mesh networks at a meeting of Freifunk core technologists in Berlin. The presentation is currently only partly available in English, but the German version offers good insights still for people working on wireless mesh networks anywhere. 


* pdf version at freifunk Berlin download site:
* Alexander Morlang
* Daniel Paufler

6mesh Vortrag online

Der Vortrag von Alex und Daniel aus der cbase ist nun online. Es ging um ein 6mesh (IPv6 only mesh) mit IPv4 Transport mit Hilfe von SIIT. Ein Video wird folgen.

OLSR-NG Lightning Talk at the 24c3 by Aaron Kaplan

24c3, Chaos Communication Congress: Aaron Kaplan from the OLSR developing team and member of the Austrian funkfeuer community had a short lightning talk on the recent improvements of the OLSR protocol, which they now call OLSR-NG.

Direct Google Video Link:

The whole lightning talk session can be downloaded via the torrent network (torrents below). 

Chaosradio Express mit Elektra zu Freifunk und B.A.T.M.A.N.

Elektra gibt einige Einblicke zu B.A.T.M.A.N., dem Freifunk-Protokoll der Zukunft, im Chaosradio.

Schon in Chaosradio Express 016 hat Elektra einen tiefen Einblick in Wesen und Form des Mesh Networking geboten. Im Gespräch mit Tim Pritlove werden nun die neuesten Erkenntnisse der Entwicklung berichtet. Kern der Neuigkeiten ist der Nachfolger des OLSR-Protokolls namens B.A.T.M.A.N. Elektra erläutert, wie B.A.T.M.A.N. im Deatil funktioniert, welche Erfahrungen und Erkenntnisse seinem Design zu Grunde liegen und wie man sich das alles vorstellen muss. Ein Teil der Diskussion betrifft auch die geplante Mesh Networking Technologie im OLPC (XO) Laptop. (20.9.2007,


The Fonera Pack Story

This blog entry is mainly in english. Sorry for that, but the original recipient (a belgian guy) is very much better in english. Since beginning of 2007, a startup company called "FON" is distributing very cheap (subventioned) WLAN devices: the la-Fonera wireless LAN router. For these, I've created and published an additional software, called the Freifunk-Fonera-Pack available here: . The Pack offers Freifunk meshing in parallel to the FON function. Obviously, I've missed to explain the different networking modes and hance a posting on our internal berlin mailing list reaches me with a lot of questions. Mario asked me to publish the anwers here.
Hi Steven,
yes I know. There's not enough info about the networking / mode stuff in the ff-fonera-pack readme. OK - I'll try.
Networking Model

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