Freifunker arbeiten an Rostocker Hacklab

Rostocker Openlab InitiativeNews von Opennet aus Rostock: Gestern gab es die erste
"Openlab" Veranstaltung als Versuch verschiedene Hacker und Technikinteressierte an einen Tisch zu bekommen.
Wie Mathias Mahnke von der Opennet Initiative e.V. Rostock berichtet: "Ein Erfolg, aus dem "Nichts" sind wir 23 Leute geworden und obwohl wir eigentlich eine Teilnahmebegrenzung auf 20 Personen hatten. Einige sind zum Teil aus 90 km Entfernung angereist."
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History of the Open Hardware Initiative(開放硬體歷史)Vision(未來展望) and Mission(主要使命)

Juergen Neumann and Xavier Carcelle present the Open Hardware Initiative at the  Open Tech Summit in Taiwan 2008. Focus is the history of the Open Hardware Initiative(開放硬體歷史)、the vision(未來展望) and mission(主要使命).

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Fachtagung Wireless Communication and Information an der FHTW in Berlin

Dieses Jahr findet am 16. und 17. Oktober wieder die Fachtagung Wireless Communication and Information an der FHTW in Berlin statt. Der Call for Abstracts ist bis zum 1.8.2008 offen.

Innovative und herausragende Entwicklungen sowie Anwendungsmöglichkeiten kabelloser Kommunikation stehen im Mittelpunkt der fünften Fachtagung „Wireless Communication and Information“, die am 16. und 17. Oktober 2008 von der FHTW Berlin und dem Stiftungs-Verbundkolleg Informationsgesellschaft Berlin der Alcatel-Lucent Stiftung für Kommunikationsforschung organisiert wird. Zu dem wissenschaftlich-technischen Gedankenaustausch werden namhafte nationale und internationale Referenten aus Wissenschaft und Forschung sowie aus Entwicklungsabteilungen der Industrie erwartet.

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Interview with Free Wireless Evangelists from the Italian Ninux Community and the Freifunk Community in Germany

Saverio from the Italian Ninux community has now published a video interview Daniel Paufler and I conducted with them at the Wireless Community Weekend in Berlin. Thank you very much for the great montaggio! It is real fun to watch!

Interview to Ninux and Freifunk members at WCW2008 from Saverio Proto on Vimeo.

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In Berlin, at C-Base, people from wireless communities all around Europe meet to share ideas and experiences. See this interview by Mario Behling with free networks activists from and

Freifunk Application for Google Summer of Code - We did not make it .. this time

What happened to the application of the freifunk community (Blog entry) for the Google Summer of code? Well, as you can guess by now, unfortunately we did not get it.. even though we were close. I had asked Leslie Hawthorn and she wrote us back the following lines:

"I know OpenWRT and like them. We simply couldn't accept everyone. You folks made our short list if that helps. I can give you more feedback if you send me the URL for your ideas list. Is there a way Google can help you beyond Summer of Code? Leslie Hawthorn"

We had some nice ideas. Our intention was to serve as an umbrella for all the freifunk projects here, but maybe we can join the program next year. We still have the ideas pages, which is probably also intresting for developers who want to join freifunk projects in the future.

Some of the project ideas were/are:

  • Multimedia Streaming in Mesh Networks / Porting Obamp to C++
  • Passive + Active Measurement in Mesh Networks / Porting OpenIMP probes to OpenWRT
  • Traffic Flow Visualization / IPFIX DataSource for freimap
  • Mesh Node Status Monitoring / SNMP DataSource for freimap
  • Service Discovery in Mesh Networks / Avahi DataSource for freimap
  • Service Control Module for freimap
  • Topology visualization / B.A.T.M.A.N and olsrd routing decision recovery for freimap
  • Database output for freimap
  • Antenna placement information elements in freifunk map data
  • Search in Wireless Mesh Networks - Yacy
  • Search in Wireless Mesh Networks - Nutch/Lucene
  • Peer-to-peer file sharing applications in Wireless Mesh Networks
  • Developing a Freifunk Theme for CMS
  • VoIP phoning in Freifunk Mesh Networks
  • Porting Freifunk to EeePC
  • Freifunk Webinterface for OpenWrt Kamikaze


Freifunk Wireless Community Weekend 2008 - Thank you!

The Freifunk Wireless Community Weekend 2008 is over. I had a fantastic time meeting so many people pushing the idea of free networks to new hights. The interest in free wireless was overwhelming and we probably had more than double the number of the 51 visitors who put their names on the participants list. Many developers were taking part. We saw presentations about OpenWRT, B.A.T.M.A.N., the HorstTool, mikroFM, OpenHardware and the Luci-Interface for Freifunk networks. Receiving questions about "free networks and the implications of the law" regularly, we were extremely pleased that Reto Mantz recently published a doctoral thesis about this subject and held a presentation at the WCW (slides now available).

Besides German communities we were very happy to meet many friends from other countries like from Catalunia, Spain, Sergey Yugov from Russia, Jesper Svarre with 28 people from Denmark and our friends from the Rome community

Together with the help of Italian and German Freifunkers Saverio and me made tons of interviews. Be sure it will not take two years this time to see them online ;-) Get a little taste of the WCW2008 with the first of a series of videos already published by our Italian friends.

Per ora vi lascio con questo breve video, che mostra qualche immagine della domenicale del Wireless Community Weekend. Molto presto verranno pubblicate le interviste. (

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